We offer...

Light Design Light Design

show & light design for bands, events, etc. – either on the fly or by pre-programming shows.

Video + CGI/3D-Production Video + CGI/3D-Production

music video productions, 3D animation, CGI videos, CG artwork, live videos, documentations, image film or even simple video edits.

Sound Design Sound Design

audio engineering for film, TV and video games – audio branding, jingle production, etc.

Commercials & C.I. Commercials & C.I.

professional commercial production for film, TV, social media or even music on hold’s for telephone, as well as video dubbing.

Music Production Music Production

single-/demo-/EP-/album production for any genre; co-production, composition, recording, editing, mixing, mastering.  


Who is Redshift Recordings?

Christoph Jordan

25 years old, living in Duisburg, founder of Redshift Recordings, audiovisual artist, teacher, multi-instrumentalist and of course always up for fun! 🙂

- Christoph Jordan